On the drive up to Caño Negro, high mountains gave way to rolling hills, and finally the lowlands up towards the Nicauraguan border.
One of countless rivers
My trusty steed
Pastoral lands
I arrived in time to walk along the side of the marshlands and, even from this limited viewpoint, the prospect looks enticing. As the dry season (November to March) progresses, the wetland area decreases and the birds congregate in more concentrated areas. So the timing is just about right. At the same time, reports indicate that the number of birds has decreased over the last decade or so, a reflection of the worldwide stress on wildlife populations (thanks for that, Kim Orlando).
Refuge entrance. The wetlands are behind the dock
They are certainly out there!
Looking for a caption for this. Reptile in 3 parts?
I think it’s a caiman, a relative of the alligator
Tomorrow, the aim is to be on the water by 8 am.