It took most of the morning to nail down the next leg of this journey, the wetlands of Caño Negro up near the Nicauraguan border (finding a place to stay and renting a boat).
 But that left the afternoon to search out this mythical, mystical waterfall reputed to be up in the mountains somewhere to the west. So I hiked.
At the end of a 4 km trek was a 600 meter descent to the base of the falls (La Catarata Fortuna)  and, according to a park ranger whose main job seemed to be to use a warped sense of humour to put a litle spine into the backs of soft, norteamericanos, “a 6,000 meter climb back up.” Think Stairmaster to Heaven”.
Here it is. I tried for a slow shutter speed in some of the shots. Not 100% satisfied with the results.
First Glance
View from the base
The Plunge
2 sec shutter speed
Stairmaster ® To Heaven
I love this country. Here are partial directions to get to one place I’ll aim for next week: “the 28 km gravel road (4×4 required) usually has small brown signs that direct you, but if in doubt, take the fork that looks the most used.” Right!  I used to  employ that philosophy trekking in the Himalayas and  boy did I ever get lost a lot. Reminds me of the old adage, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it!”
Roadside Hammock Store on the road up to the falls
 Tomorrow, Caño Negro, the third most important wetlands on earth and, enfin, a chance to shoot some birds.
Note: Internet connections up there may prevent posting for a bit.