A Perfect Day Factory Video


After blogging last summer about my trip to the Canadian east coast, I had promised, Dear Reader, one more post from that voyage: a record of my visit to the vast Northern Gannet breeding colony off the coast of Gaspé. And I apologize profusely for my tardiness. But I have, I think, a reasonable excuse. You see, I had accumulated photographs and video footage not only from last summer but from three separate visits over the past three years to two of these fascinating colonies, where thousands of these sea birds congregate each spring and summer to breed, nest and rear their chicks.
So since I had all this material, I thought I should try to do something a little more ambitious (and time consuming): a somewhat longer video production about these remarkable birds.
In the piece, I combine both video and still photography in an attempt to give you an impression of what it is like to be in the middle of these colonies and the gregarious, raucous and sometimes humorous birds that inhabit them.
 The time consuming part was the distillation of hundreds of photographs and and dozens of video clips taken over the three years and scripting them into a coherent, 12-minute piece.
You, as always, are the judge as to whether I’ve been successful. (If you do like the result, perhaps I could enjoin you to share it with others in your various social networks.) And as always, feel free to comment here. I enjoy and value your feedback.

Here are a few of the still photographs related to the video.
Île Bonaventure: Home of the 80,000-bird Northern Gannet colony

Île Bonaventure: Home of the 80,000-bird Northern Gannet colony