Costa Rica: Day 2 
San José to La Fortuna
Yesterday, drove up from San Jose to La Fortuna. It’s always a challenge trying to negotiate narrow, congested central American highways and recalcitrant manual gear shifts at the same time.
Congestion soon gave way to the spectacular, long, winding, mountainous route up North. Hurt-your-eyes bougainevillea, cane fields, swift mountain streams, some with swimmers in them, quaint villages, banana plantations, cowboys herding cattle, and finally the ONE that dominates everything up here, the Arenal volcano, rising from the surrounding flat plain.
Back in1968 it erupted, devouring a few villages in its path. Today, it is still known to fire up sparks and spew lava from time to time.
Starting off from the pretty little town of Fortuna, I’ll hike part of it, take a look at the lake beneath it and search for a 40 metre waterfall nearby. My aim is to capture it with a slow shutter speed.
We’ll see. Stay tuned.
Canopy Country
Rural cottage. Hammock is standard issue
Roadside view
For miles around, the Arenal Volcano dominates the landscape
Central Park in the pretty town of La Fortuna