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Costa Rica Day 16: Life on the beach

I’m experimenting below with ways of improving the quality of posted videos. By uploading videos to YouTube first, HD is enabled and overall quality is much better than previous posts.) Working the pond (Tricolored Heron) Last Catch of the day (Snowy Egret at Jacó Beach, Costa...

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Costa Rica Day 14, 15: Chillin’

Jaco Beach: 5:40 pm Taking a break here at the beach for a couple of days then, March 7, off to the North-West province of Guanacaste and Palo Verde National Park, reputedly harbouring the greatest concentration of waterfowl in Central...

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Costa Rica Day 13: Forest and Swamp

At Carara National Park I decided to hike a 4 km trail that led through thick, mixed forest, ending up at a small lagoon. As usual in dense undergrowth, photographic opportunities are limited, but I wanted to at least let you hear the forest as I did walking through it. So the video below is not much to look at — just undergrowth. But listen!   I spent some time at the lagoon, all but dried out at this time of year, but with enough water left to attract a variety of waterbirds and reptiles. So pull up a log,...

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Costa Rica Day 12: The Pacific Coast

The Four Horsemen Catch of the day Up the Pacific coast towards Carara National Park. Along the coast, the traditional Costa Rican ranching and fishing cultures (above) meet the surfing and resort crowd (below). Playa Hermosa Playa Hermosa Main Street, Jaco Beach Into the park...

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Costa Rica Day 11: Manuel Antonio National Park

Although this is one of Costa Rica’s smaller national parks, it has become one of the most popular. It was created in 1972, apparently just minutes before a development project was to have been approved, which would have turned the whole area into condos and resorts. Less renowned for bird sightings than others, it all but guarantees that a visitor will see numerous animals, including the ones I was able to capture: the sloth, capuchin monkey, and howler monkey. On the way out, I spotted a toucan, high on branch — the ones down here are smaller than those...

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