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The Costa Rica Chronicles

Three weeks in Costa Rica, in February and March 2012 resulted in about 20 posts. These were originally published on but have now been ported here.Go to Costa Rica...

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Costa Rica Day 20, 21: Up Close and Personal

Now, to try to really get  up close and personal with my subjects, I could spend 10 years down here, crawling through deep undergrowth and emerge with 1,000s of photographs of empty branches and blurry feathers. Or I could do as the busloads of tourists do, visit the Water Gardens at La Paz, where they have an aviary and free lunch with the entrance fee. Let’s face it, I’m a wimp. Yesterday I chose the latter. Once again, I’ll not try to identify species unless I already know them. File these next three and the video in your cute animals folder. I...

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Costa Rica Day 19: Travel Day

Journeyed from Guanacaste back up to the mountains in the central valley. Some sights along the way: What the rivers don’t bring down from the mountains, the irrigational canals do Guanacaste still retains a proud, cowboy culture A gentile lunch stop at San Ramon High Mountain Forest...

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Costa Rica Day 18: Palo Verde

The river Tempesque cuts through Guanacaste like a serpent; tributaries empty into it along the way, providing, at Palo Verde, a rare and important habitat for water birds of all kinds.( Despite the build up in yesterday’s post of this as a major travel adventure, the way in was on roads far better, far more benign on the car’s suspension — and mine, than I have seen elsewhere in this country.) A boat plied about 30 of us up and down the river for a couple of hours, with the knowledgable Luis and Tomato acting as guides and spottters....

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Costa Rica Day 17: Guanacaste

The push is on for the famed wetlands of Palo Verde, deep in the heart of Guanacaste, paradoxically  Costa Rica’s hottest, driest province. So this morning, I reluctantly traded in the beach scene to drive north.  Away from the ocean, it’s hot. It’s so hot . . . (Chorus: ‘How hot is it?’) We’re talkin’ the second-reel-of-whatever-that-John-Wayne-film-was-where-his-horse-collapses-and-he-drains-the-last-of-his-canteen hot! Despite the heat, it is a surprisingly beautiful landscape. And if you know some of the secrets, you can always find ways to chill. You’ll find one of these every kilometer or so. Llanos des Cortez, up the road from Bagaces,...

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