• Autumn Leaf, Papineau, QC
  • Frond, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Moutains, River and Ocean Meet, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Fisherman, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Western Sandpipers, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Black Oystercatcher, Steward Island, NZ, 2015
  • Toutouwai, Stewart Island, NZ, 2015
  • Sea Lion, Kaikoura, NZ, 2015
  • Boy, Bicycle and Sandpipers in Flight, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Tropical Flower, Detail, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Southern Royal Albatross, off the Kaikoura Coast, NZ
  • Mahakipawa Arm, Havelock, NZ, 2015
  • Kisadee, Caño Negro, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Greater Yellowlegs, Puerto Vallarta, 2017
  • BAckyard Buddha, Chelsea, QC, 2015
  • Puesta del Sol, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2015
  • Ringed Kingfisher,  Caño Negro, Costa Rica, 2012
  • White Egret with Prey, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 2016
  • Buttercup, Fletcher Wildlife Garden, Ottawa, ON, 2016
  • Black-necked Stilt, near Dominical, Costa RIca, 2012
  • Sea Lion, Kaikoura, NZ, 2015
  • Abandoned House, L'Anse à Beafils, QC, 2008
  • Red-eyed Tree Frog, Monte Verde, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Turtle Time, Petrie Island, OnN, 2005
  • Laughing Gulls, Talbot Island, FLA, USA, 2006
  • Wagon Wheel, Hunstville, ON, 2006
  • Northern Gannet Mating Ritual, Isle Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Common Loon, Center Lovell, ME, 2007
  • Rowboats, Rockport, MA, 2007
  • Three-toed Sloth, San Rafael, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Tundra Swan, Spring Migration, Lambton Shores, ON, 2013
  • Atlantic Puffin, Machias Island, ME, 2007
  • Study in Yellow, Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Northern Gannet Mother and Child, Isle Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Humpback Whale, off the coast of Anthony's Harbour, NL, 2014
  • Freat Horned Owl, Ingleside, ON, 2015
  • Fishing Wharf, Grand Mannam Island, NB, 22014


Where Half the World is Made of Sky

Where Half the World is Made of Sky

Cross Canada Chronicles - III An ancient land June 9: This isn't the Saskatchewan you know. This isn't the Saskatchewan of endless wheat fields and grain elevators and long freight trains. This is the original Saskatchewan. This is the ancient prairie before settlers...

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A collection of favourite photographs taken over the past 12 years.