• Autumn Leaf, Papineau, QC
  • Frond, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Moutains, River and Ocean Meet, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Fisherman, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Western Sandpipers, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Black Oystercatcher, Steward Island, NZ, 2015
  • Toutouwai, Stewart Island, NZ, 2015
  • Sea Lion, Kaikoura, NZ, 2015
  • Boy, Bicycle and Sandpipers in Flight, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Tropical Flower, Detail, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2017
  • Southern Royal Albatross, off the Kaikoura Coast, NZ
  • Mahakipawa Arm, Havelock, NZ, 2015
  • Kisadee, Caño Negro, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Greater Yellowlegs, Puerto Vallarta, 2017
  • BAckyard Buddha, Chelsea, QC, 2015
  • Puesta del Sol, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 2015
  • Ringed Kingfisher,  Caño Negro, Costa Rica, 2012
  • White Egret with Prey, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 2016
  • Buttercup, Fletcher Wildlife Garden, Ottawa, ON, 2016
  • Black-necked Stilt, near Dominical, Costa RIca, 2012
  • Sea Lion, Kaikoura, NZ, 2015
  • Abandoned House, L'Anse à Beafils, QC, 2008
  • Red-eyed Tree Frog, Monte Verde, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Turtle Time, Petrie Island, OnN, 2005
  • Laughing Gulls, Talbot Island, FLA, USA, 2006
  • Wagon Wheel, Hunstville, ON, 2006
  • Northern Gannet Mating Ritual, Isle Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Common Loon, Center Lovell, ME, 2007
  • Rowboats, Rockport, MA, 2007
  • Three-toed Sloth, San Rafael, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Tundra Swan, Spring Migration, Lambton Shores, ON, 2013
  • Atlantic Puffin, Machias Island, ME, 2007
  • Study in Yellow, Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Northern Gannet Mother and Child, Isle Bonaventure, QC, 2014
  • Humpback Whale, off the coast of Anthony's Harbour, NL, 2014
  • Freat Horned Owl, Ingleside, ON, 2015
  • Fishing Wharf, Grand Mannam Island, NB, 22014


Monarchs of the sea

Monarchs of the sea

  The albatross: king of the seabirds? What is it about the albatross that has attracted me for so many years? Ever since I became interested in birds, and sea birds in particular, the albatross has always figured in my mind as the king of them all....

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A collection of favourite photographs taken over the past 12 years.