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The Wild and Rowdy World of the Northern Gannet


Each year, vast numbers of these iconic sea birds gather in breeding colonies on islands off the Atlantic coast of Canada. In this video you’re invited to accompany me as we explore the daily life of these amazing, raucous, and gregarious sea birds.

Boys Will be Boys

Deep in the Canadian forest, young bucks hone their battle techniques.

Trill of a Lifetime


One of the iconic sounds of early spring in Canada is the sound of frogs and toads. You can hear them in rivers, lakes, ponds — just about anywhere where there is water. Not long after the spring thaw they emerge. What drives them to be so loud, intense, and persistent? To expend so much energy?

We thought it was time to take a closer look.

White Wing : The Tundra Swan Migration



Saving the Sand Dune

Video Produced for Biodiversity Conservancy International