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Travels to Newfoundland – 6

Can anthropology make your spine tingle? It certainly has made mine. But to explain how this is possible, I need to tell a short story. Actually, it’s a long story and it begins 100,000 years ago. In Africa, the cradle of our species. At some point back then, a small group of humans migrated north, through to Eurasia. After reaching the continent, populations grew and spread. Ever exploring, ever migrating, some groups travelled west to Europe, others east to Asia and the Pacific Islands and archipelagos in an endless diaspora. Millennia after millennia the process continued. Vast migrations occurred....

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Travels to Newfoundland – 5

“Thar She Blows!” Captain Alcock steered us out of St Anthony’s harbour on the good ship Graffer III precisely at 9 a.m. this morning.  Ahead of us, a clear day, fair winds  and, with luck, some whale and iceberg sightings. I’ve tried shooting from aboard ship before, and let me tell you, it’s a challenge. Forget the nice, steady tripod, the measured squeeze of the shutter.  Work instead with a rolling, yawing, pitching deck, grabbing for dear life onto whatever is available with one hand,  holding the camera and its sizeable  lens with the other, ready to aim, if...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 4

Coastal Collection Turns out I was unable to secure a reservation for L’Anse aux Meadows and St. Anthony until tomorrow night, so I spent an extra day hiking coastal trails around Gros Morne and Rocky Harbour. Here are are few photographs from these treks:     (July 11, 12, 2013)   To be continued . . .  ...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 3

A Holding Place When Newfoundland sailors sought sanctuary from an oncoming storm, they would often retreat to what they call a “holding place”, a sanctuary, a safe harbour. I liken Gros Morne to a holding place.  A place that allows us to know and remember what this planet was once like.  Part of the National Parks system in Canada, it is a wilderness protected, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gros Morne is the way it used to be: not just a century ago, or even a millenium ago, but up to 600 million years ago, when these stark mountains were...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 2

Land Ho! I first sighted land from the deck of the ferry. A stark but beautiful vista bathed in the warm light of a westering sun. Newfoundland had put on her best bonnet. Temperature in the upper 20s (celsius), not a cloud in the sky, an ocean like a mirror. This is not quite what I had expected, and from the chatter, it’s rarely what the locals expect either.  The island and its people are used to harsher climes. From first glance (below), the port town of Port aux Basques looked like a few houses huddled along an unforgiving...

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