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Travels to Newfoundland – 11

The Birds of Cape St. Mary   Today, the final day of my Newfoundland adventure, I am crossing off one of the “must see” places from my list: Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve and the promise of a close encounter with 65,000 northern gannets, kittiwakes and common murres. I left St. John’s at 6 am for the 2-hour drive south west.   Thickening fog   I approached the cape under deepening fog and the steady punch of a fog horn — the only sound on earth both reassuring and ominous at the same time. I quickly devised my own...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 10

Witless Bay and Cape Spear   The Atlantic Puffin is Newfoundland’s official bird, so, together with friends from St. John’s, we took a boat down near Witless Bay to do some whale and puffin watching. Turns out the whales were so numerous  — cavorting for an hour or so beside the catamaran — that the captain ran out of time, and we passed by the island where the puffins breed and  raise their young in some haste to return to port. So the harvest of puffin photographs is meagre. Nevertheless, I managed to capture a few in various stages of flight,...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 9

Kittiwakes and Eagles   On the long trek east to St. John’s from the Strait of Belle Isle (835 km), I detoured over to Old Bonaventure, a tiny harbour town at the end of a winding coast road. There, I caught up with an old friend — David Vivian — who has lived in Ottawa for years, but is a Newfoundlander through and through, has maintained both a house and a boat at the harbour and returns to his roots every year. Within less than 10 minutes of my arrival, we were in the boat , life jackets secured, and...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 8

Rewriting History There is much excitement up in Red Bay, Labrador this summer. The town has just been named a United Nations World Heritage site and the official ceremony is coming up August 2. The villagers can hardly contain themselves. Why has this small, isolated coastal community of less than 200 souls been honoured with such a prestigious designation? To answer that, we need to begin with this woman: Meet Dr. Selma Huxley Barkham. Before reaching Red Bay yesterday, I had never heard her name.Today, she is a hero of mine, as she is to the villagers. Selma is a...

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Travels to Newfoundland – 7

  The Stunning Labrador Coast             A play of light and shadow I’m posting several shots of the beach at the Pinware Provincial Park. Something about the play of light on land and water intrigued me — a different quality of light here — it was a variable cloudy day, so light conditions changed rapidly.       Big, boreal land Although some forests can be found, the trees don’t grow tall here, and vast stretches of land are tundra-like.      Flora and fauna     Coastal scenes     Abandoned boat, Saddle...

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